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Echo Show

Youtube Special Instructions

I want the desktop version of youtube to show on my Echo Show because it has playlists and stuff on the left side
  1. Say Open Silk or Open Youtube. It will work either way. (You need to have Youtube bookmarked in Silk for it to come up when you say Open Silk.)
  2. The first time you do this, you'll see a notice saying they opened the app for you. If you like the desktop better, you can open the youtube settings and change to desktop. It will stay that way so the next time you want youtube, it will default to the desktop version.
  3. Close Youtube. It doesn't seem to understand Close Silk

Commands and skills

Many of these commands apply to other Amazon devices as well, but I didn't flesh that out.
  1. Turn off the display
  2. For email there are some skills such as Email Assistant and Astrobot. There are others too. I don't need to have my email read to me. I have bookmarked in Firefox instead.
  3. Open Firefox (in either browser there are bookmarks, and also you can click on the address bar and then speak the url or type it)
  4. Open Silk
  5. Open Streamplayer (which is a skill)
    1. Tell Stream Player launch ABC News
    2. Tell Stream Player launch channel 1
    3. Tell Stream Player next channel
    4. Tell Stream Player previous channel
  6. Open NBC
  7. Open CBS
  8. Open Prime Videos
  9. Watch ABC News
  10. Start Plex
  11.  Play my video flash briefing
  12. Discover My Devices (when you have a device in pairing mode)
  13. Turn down the bass
  14. Take a photo (selfie uploads to Prime Photos)
  15. Open videos (third party video providers)
  16. Show me my video library (searches Prime Video library for movies and tv)
  17. Show me [title]
  18. Search for [name of TV series]
  19. Show me [actor] movies
  20. Show me [genre] 
  21. Announce dinner's ready
  22. Check into Mike's office Dinner's ready
  23. Check into Dwight's room The Dryer's Beeping
  24. Create a music group (such as Dwight's room and Mike's office)
    Devices-->Add Group-->Add Multi-Room Music Speakers-->Dwight'sroom and Mike's office

Background General Stuff

  1. Amazon put a Zigbee smart hub inside the new Echo Show, allowing users with Zigbee-compatible smart home devices to connect them to the Echo Show without needing another hub. 
  2. Watching TV on Echo Show is mainly done through the Stream Player skill. Stream Player supports a large number of live, streaming TV shows already, but more are promised. 
  3. I have the living room lightbulb (Philips Hue) connected through the Echo Show, which means it's using the Echo Show's Zigbee smarthub. Happily I can turn the light on or off using any of my Amazon devices, regardless of their wake word. 
  4. As for the Amazon Smartplug, that isn't connected through the Echo. It's connected through the wifi network. That too, can be controlled from any Amazon device. 
  5. It won't run apps. Echo Show might look like a tablet, but it's not one. It runs Alexa skills, not apps, just like the Echo and Echo Dot. You can't download apps from the Amazon Appstore or Google Play on Echo Show.

Background Remote Access

I found out that I cannot currently open Plex on my Echo Show because
  1. The plex software for Echo Show forces a need for the setting for remote access to be on
  2. I cannot get remote access in my Plex settings because it seems to require changing a router setting, and I do not have direct access to my router
  3. Plex is aware of this and is saying they will fix it